Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Calendar girl

I mentioned in an earlier post about Stampington's new is the Somerset Studio calendar. Just call me Miss July! My mother's birthday, and my sister's and a gone but not forgotten dear friend's birthdays are in July, so I'm very happy to illustrate that month!

And am I ever in good company!


  1. Loved catching up with your blog Colette. I am so impressed with all your media exposure. You are in great company in the calendar and I enjoyed the Whopple interview too. I think you will be in Wikipedia soon..haha.

  2. Clap ClAp!!! THat is one of my favorites of your collage/drawings. And I also love the tags you made for the article. Congratulations !

  3. Congratulations!
    I'm impressed!
    It must be a "July Thing!"

  4. Congratulations ... I shall have to look out for it!

  5. I'm a July girl too, so I want this calendar. Wonderful art as usual girlfriend.

  6. well, look at you!! congratulations!


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