Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sinking into a quiet spot

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I've put away my paint brushes, tidied up my work table, and am about to shut down the computer. Tonight I just want to sit and sew, and watch Law & Order U.K. Things that involve no thinking at all, because for sure my brain needs a good rest!

I'm a great fan of Law & Order, so when I discovered that CityTV (a Toronto station) was showing the British version this summer, I was intrigued. It is based exactly on the American series, except for the opening theme tune, and of course you don't have District Attorneys, you have Crown prosecutors, and judges and some lawyers wearing wigs. (We have Crown Attorneys in Canada, but no wigs are worn here.)

....these are some of their stories....

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  1. Oh darn, I forgot to watch it. I forgot that it was Thursday. Where is my summer going?????


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