Monday, July 20, 2009

Going with the flow

[The incredible expanding woman!]

It's already Monday evening, and I'm still recovering from yesterday. I got a last-minute call to go in to the bookstore and my whole day was spent there. A big shipment of new books came in, and that always causes some excitement. I opened at 11 a.m. and closed at 6 p.m. The Sunday regulars came in, and so did R. with a shot of espresso. Much as this job can literally be back-breaking, I love the books, I love that it's right here in my neighborhood, and I love that I'm getting to know more people around here. And of course I love the unexpected cup of espresso.

It's a dog-friendly store, completely with doggie biscuits and water bowl, and one doggie dropped in. I gave her some biscuits and she was mine! If only life were that simple...

I ran around doing my chores today, had a long phone chat with my sister, and I'm now set for a nice dinner and a relaxing evening puttering around. I will try to sit still long enough to keep my back from getting sore, however.

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  1. I just read several of your posts...sorry a bit behind. And, I must tell you...I have missed you! Your posts sound new to me. Like you have a new spring in your step. Perhaps it is the bookstore? I love reading about the people, and the books, and the things you are doing. Yes, I like it alot! (not that i didn't LOVE your posts before).
    And, now how do you embroider paper from greeting cards? *wink*


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