Tuesday, June 09, 2009


[photo: my flamenco shoes]

Embedded in the comments section of my previous post with the radish is a poem about a radish from Tim Irving, a fabulous artist and photographer who lives in Andalucia, where the fiesta season has begun. I wanted to share the poem with you. May you be as delighted as I am with it. Do visit Tim's blog -- you will love it. Thank you, Tim!


by Karla Kushkin

Write about a radish

Too many people write about the moon.

The night is black

The stars are small and high

The clock unwinds its ever-ticking tune

Hills gleam dimly

Distant nighthawks cry.

A radish rises in the waiting sky.


  1. Anonymous3:21 p.m.

    ...lovely little dancing shoes...lovely poem! ...in fact, word for the day...lovely!
    Paid a visit to Tim's blog...lovely!
    Can't stop...I'm off to find some pebbles...and a radish!

    Happy wishes...Anon the Elder.....OOOOO

  2. THank you for the link ..his site has incredible photos! I suddenly have a craving for fresh radishes, sliced thinly on a buttered baguette..sprinkled with sea salt.


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