Monday, June 01, 2009

Of rain and book buyers

[detail of collage (c) colette copeland]
We're having far too much rain. Really. Not that I mind that much, but it gives me headaches.

But life goes on regardless. Yesterday I worked the late shift at the bookstore; it was my first time to close (a zillion things to be done, in the right order, before I lock the doors and go home). We got a rush of customers in the last hour, so I stayed open an hour longer.

I found the people very interesting: there was the regular customer who came in to ask what time I was closing and said he had to go to Tim Hortons first because he was hungry (he came back, just as he said, and bought a couple of books).

The woman who was going through every section in the store when her husband called out to her in very annoyed tones that he wanted to go already, and she told him she wanted 10 more minutes. He flounced off, and half-an-hour later she was still there. I began to worry for her. When she brought her books to the cash desk, I worked briskly but she told me there was no rush!

Then there was the woman who challenged me: On the wall is a huge sign that says if there is no sticker on the book, the price is half the publisher's retail price. She pointed to it and said, "The printed price is $26.95, she said, but the sticker on the book says $14.99. That's false advertising. I want 50% off." I turned around and read the sign out loud. "But the books you want do have stickers on them..." I pointed out. She faltered. "Do you still want to go ahead?" I asked. "Yes, but I'm not sure about that sign."

And the little old couple who warmed my heart. The radio was playing big band music and in they walked, while the husband sang to the Glenn Miller song that was playing. I don't know about his taste though: he bought a set of 5 Benny Hill DVDs......... haha!


  1. Lovely stories!! Maybe the man was so young at heart because he watches Benny Hill lol ;o) chuckle!

  2. Sounds like you had a very interesting full day at your bookstore job.

  3. I love this should write a book! It would be fun working in the bookstore and taking in all the different folk who walk through the door.
    I did laugh at the older fellow buying the Benny Hill DVD's. I do wonder about his taste too.
    Wonderful post, such an insight into people.

    Jacky xox

    p.s. love the art too (of course).

  4. Anonymous9:58 a.m.

    ...I reckon you are an asset to that lovely bookshop.I am sure they are pleased to have found you...and that now they have you onboard...I am sure their sales will rocket!!!

    Anyway isn't it time you wrote another novel...they could sell your could stand there and do signings!...kill two birds with one to speak! Not literally of course!

    It is such a pleasure reading your daily diary..part of my day now!

    Another work of art completed it!

    Have a happy day.....Anon the Elder.....OOOOO

  5. Oh I love these little side stories. Real life is so much funnier than anything that can be made is all a matter of perspective ~ really.

  6. I love your work/book store story. It sounds like a great job, and as your were telling it, I almost felt like I could picture this quaint little store, in a quaint town with cobble stone or brick court yards and side walks. How interesting to meet so many people, and the challenges we face when we work within the general public. (I work in a coffee shop, so I can relate), but yours sounds a little better.

  7. What an interesting and heart warming post Colette. I think working in a bookshop is one of the nicest jobs going. If I had to work in a shop it would definitely have to be a bookshop. Everyone gets annoyed with me because I spend hours browsing for books.

  8. It must be fascinating working there and seeing so many diverse people with varying interests. Lovely post. And I agree w/ you about Benny Hill. :) xoxox


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