Sunday, June 21, 2009

The antidote

One of the rewards and great joys of my work is the feedback I get. The person who bought my bird book, a collaged and painted book of some 20 collages, a collector and friend (and, I should add, one of my customers who keeps me afloat, otherwise I truly would be "starving"!!) wrote me a note that included this: "Thank you enormously for the bird artist's book. ... The collection is very special. Your expression of bird art is so enjoyable because it has warmth and frankness, lot of love (without being overly cute). Rather realist. I am cheered when I look at such creativity and it helps pull me out of whatever low state I feel."

And that is always my goal. Not just to make my living, but to make others happy with my work!

Thank you Dr. T. in Sydney. You truly made my day, my week, my month.............


  1. Your blue flower is beautiful Colette! x

  2. What a splendid pansy! Once again you've given it your special something.
    Congrats on selling your bird book too. How blessed you are to have someone who loves your work.

  3. truly a more ways than one! xo

  4. Your work truly lifts our spirits! Love that blue-violet pansy!

  5. I like it when it is full of live... and colors... I did it, I came back


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