Friday, May 15, 2009

Stop and smell the flowers

To celebrate getting through a financially very tough couple of months, I treated myself to these gerbera daisies, and I offer them to the handful of friends and family who supported me through it in more ways than one, not least of all moral support and understanding, and the clients who helped keep my business, which is my livelihood, afloat.

Things are looking up now. Never give up and keep working!

Yesterday, I strolled among the neighborhood lilacs and drank in their heady scent, and a plump little sparrow visited my balcony.

Spring.... renewal.


  1. You always give me hope and strength. I count you as an example of a refined and elegant woman.
    Thank you for you..
    love Nita <3

  2. I'm glad that things are looking up! xox

  3. So glad things are going better. I posted the same kind of gerbera daisies on Friday! Great minds... :) xoxox


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