Thursday, April 16, 2009


[collage available on eBay]
I love found words.

Yesterday I went through my local library's discard pile, where books are sold off very cheap (and I'm very happy to rescue old, battered books, as well as contribute to the library). I go through all of them and pick out the ones most interesting to me, both for covers and text. As you can see in the photo.


  1. Hello fellow Torontonian

    I like your collages

    Have you checked out Lori Angille's work over at Automatism?

  2. I love doing that too! Old books and sometimes with notes inside! I just wanted to tell you that I moved t o Florida. Closed my blog but I plan t o start another one soon on Typepad! I just got here 2 days ago and love it. A tropical paradise!

  3. have the BEST sense of humor!!!! Just by reading this artwork....I know you do ~ I love discarded things too, another man's trash is certainly another's treasure! xxoo, Dawn

  4. I love invites the mind into story.

  5. Love this - it sounds so very British, doesn't it? :) xoxox


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