Sunday, April 05, 2009

Weekend update

This is Phase 1 of my "production line"... ready to ship tomorrow. The sun is out today and the temperature is warm, which means I will go for a long walk to get all the kinks out. I love my work, but I need to detach now and then and "empty" myself.

My Bird Journal is finished. It was my biggest project to date, and I'm really happy with the results. You can see more of it on my website.

Wishing you a peaceful day.


  1. Colette
    Your bird journal is beautiful! And I can't believe after all this time that I have visited your blog that I haven't seen your website!
    hugs! karen...

  2. Anonymous11:53 a.m.

    .........raindrops keep falling on my head!...yes Colette,they must have been blowing from west to east...because they have now reached the UK....but if I manage to create as you have done on a rainy day then I shall be more than happy!...journals lookin' good...I am off to check it out! Zooooommmmmmmmm

    Happy wishes.....

    Anon the Elder......OOOOO

  3. I will have to pop over and have a look too. It is lovely to get something big completed and to feel you have really achieved something worthwhile. Hope the weather stays nice for you Colette. Love the lady in Friday's Child post.

  4. Don't sell your bird journal before I see it!!! (Just joking, but I am dying to take a look inside).

  5. Lovely bird journal and now I am going to visit your website to see more of it because I love your work and I love birds and journals ...

    Happy Easter weekend :o) Carolyn

  6. Beautiful bird journal. Loved the extra shots on your website!


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