Wednesday, April 08, 2009

There's always a way

[Finished piece available in my Etsy shop]

This piece of fabric has a "scene" on it. It's black and white, and I wanted to use it as a background for a quiltie. It's been sitting on my table for months because I didn't want to cover the scene. What to do? Last night the answer came. Enhance the scene, add elements to it, embroider it here and there. This is the result. Much better than covering it up! It needs a couple of finishing touches and it will be done.


  1. Anonymous3:44 p.m.

    ......Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!.....absolutely delightful is certainly worth pondering for a little think you could quite easily have hidden that beautiful scene forever....had you been hasty......And your embroidery is something else!What a feast for the eyes!!!

    I'm cuttin' out...and you're stitchin'....keeps us out of mischief!

    Anon the Elder.....OOOOO

  2. What a great idea! Several years ago I saw some toile that someone had painted, but I like this even better! Beautiful!

  3. Love what you've done to this toile! xo

  4. Oh, what a wonderful idea Colette. I sometimes have to walk away from a project; then come back to it with a new and fresh perspective. Isn't it amazing how it just "comes" to you? Sometimes it feels like a still small voice~

  5. I love these Colette. So beautifully enhanced from the original. I loved looking at your clickable link taking you to the journals too. Wonderful combinations of text, paper and fabric making lovely vintage items.


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