Saturday, February 21, 2009

Yesterday was springlike

[mail art collage, detail]
And this afternoon, a snowstorm. Really, I cannot keep up. I got home just as it was getting fierce. In the nick of time. I will not be going out until tomorrow!

Meanwhile, I saw an old flame on TV. He still looks like the sweetie he used to be, and is aging nicely. Before you ask, we really weren't compatible, and that is an important part of a healthy relationship.
Have a safe weekend.


  1. He's aging nicely on tv but is very cranky because he has let the girl of his dreams go (hee-hee)
    PS that's you!

  2. This is very cute. Linda

  3. Mail art! I love it! I may even mail MYSELF a letter so I can do something with it!
    I really like ALL of your art.


  4. Anonymous7:36 a.m.

    Ahhh! The red stamp, the blue ribbon, the pearl, the wire heart, the netting...the old lace, the zig zag stitches... perfection!


  5. Gorgeous work here, Colette. As for the old flames, it's all a bit bittersweet to see, isn't it? I recently saw one (he's a reporter) on television and he had aged rather badly, although was doing well. :) xo


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