Thursday, February 05, 2009


It's wonderfully sunny today, both weatherwise and me-wise. I got some terrific news that I will share at a later date when everything is wrapped up (no, it's not a book). Meanwhile, images are dancing in my head, to be translated to paper.

My bird journal continues to grow. I've completed more than half of it. This one is in its composition state. The Waterford crystal paperweight is a gift my sister gave me many years ago. It is one of my most useful tools.

Wishing you a very sunny day, no matter what the weather.


  1. Anonymous6:20 p.m.

    ....and YOU fill OUR lives with sunshine....with your never ending stream of extraordinary pieces of art...along with your incredible use of the English language....what you have to say is a joy to read and a visit to your blog has become an essential part of my day.....I arrive back on the planet tomorrow....and I shall need to say thankyou!......until then.....Anon the Elder.....OOOOO
    PS Hope your exciting news doesn't mean another 'Sleepless in Toronto'

  2. I am dancing around the room for you, because this news has got to be good =)

  3. It does hint of spring and sunshine - something we're all looking forward to, I think! xo


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