Monday, February 23, 2009


[chaise, an early painting of mine, owned by Carol Ferguson (c) colette copeland]

I took advantage of a sunny day (albeit cold) and was out and about town, doing things I needed to be doing, and meeting my friend Linda for coffee. She presented me with a bag of bits and piece of gorgeous lace and old buttons that she had found among her "stuff."

My rubber stamp designs are finished, and now I have to get them organized to send them off to Stampington. I still have an article to write, and that's the last of my obligations -- for now (I welcome this sort of obligation!). I will have deserved my break in Santa Barbara; Julie is funding most of the ticket, and I am so grateful. We are lifelong friends, and I'm happy that her birthday falls into the week that I'll be there! Now I have to look at a map and see how far we are from Laguna Hills..... wink!


  1. Hi Colette!
    You will be about 3 hours from Laguna hills. I love Santa Barbara! My hubbie and I had our best anniversary there! Hope you love it too! karen...

  2. Yes, I think you deserve a break in a warmer clime! Enjoy every minute! Looking forward to seeing your rubber stamp designs. xo

  3. An excellent idea *wink*
    I know you will enjoy your time away and visiting your good friend. How kind of her to help you get there =)

  4. Hey Colette, thanks for coming and commenting. I lost all my favourites when I got the new computer and it is taking me ages to trace them all.. xoxo
    have fun on your time away. I am off to catch up with your blog

  5. Lovely painting Colette. I hope you enjoy your time away and find lots of inspiration for new work.

  6. This is a wonderful painting. I've always wanted a chaise longue.
    P.S. Congrats on finishing your stamp designs. I can't wait to see what you've done!


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