Saturday, February 07, 2009

Drip drip drip

Drip drip -- that's the sound everywhere. The snow and ice are melting. You couldn't have paid me to go ice fishing on Lake Erie, given the weather forecast that it was warming up this weekend -- what a tragedy this morning's news was. A life lost, a large group of people stranded on an ice floe.


  1. there is tragedy here too. 25 lives lost so far in raging bush fires. we have unbearable heat right now. such extremes in our weather and such differences

  2. Hey Sweetie!
    It's Cindy ( and I just wanted to pop in to say hello as I have not talked to you in a long while. I had subscribed some time ago to 'Artful Blogging' but by some coincidence my subscription got messed up and I just received my first 2 issues this week. I open the first and find the first 4 pages are of your work. Very well deserved and very wonderful. I hope you are keeping nice and warm. xoxo
    We should do coffee some time. :)

  3. So sad! Lovely image to mark the occasion. xo

  4. I love the coo of a mourning dove. The colores in this piece are just so restful, Colette.
    Yes, tradegy can strike at any we must cherish every one of them~
    p.s. i have sent you a couple of messages oxoxo


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