Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hibernation day

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I am not going anywhere today. I don't care if it's supposed to be warming up this afternoon. I am staying in. My brother-in-law was in Missouri on business; it was even colder there. My sister is revelling in the fact that after some frigid Texas days, it is sunny today. At least one of us is seeing the golden orb. In the end, I have to thank the founding fathers of this city I live in, to have placed it on the side of the lake that does the least damage -- unlike Buffalo, NY, to whom I send my sympathies. It's one way of counting your blessings: to be aware that there are places worse off.



  1. It was 0 degrees here in Connecticut last night. ZERO! That is very cold. We don't generally have zero degree weather here...maybe once every 4 or 5 years. It's interesting but COLD. I'm sure you've experienced the same because you are even further north from us. Best wishes. I think I'll go try to sew something. This is more fun, though...seeing what other people do. :)

  2. like Kansas...yesterday sub zero,brrr! today near 60! Tomorrow 65! ahhh!

  3. Sub-zero F must have been horrendous. It was 14 F here.
    Stay warm!

  4. I posted a little on my old blog...if you want to stop in. I can't stay away from it! :) I've had some computer bugs to work out. My old Dell is tired, but keeps trying to do it's job. I'll send you some warmer air tomorrow. This has been a freakish winter so far! Keep that hot cocoa stocked...


  5. Yeah, I heard that it was COLD up there. Whenever J and I drive up to Ontario, it's always the area just below the St.Lawrence River, States-side, that is the coldest and windiest and snowiest. Hope you are feeling all toasty inside this Sunday.

  6. I love stay in days!!! Enjoy it and stay warm. It was 64 here today. I would send some warm air up towards the north if I could:) Love, Jamie

  7. It's not cold here today, but it is raining. Perfect for staying indoors as much as possible. And Happy Monday (Bush's last day in office! Hooray!) xo

  8. Hello Colette, I am mortified to find my thankyou letter to you has been returned into my spam!!!
    Now I have to ask...did you ever receive it?....hence why I am writing via your blog....
    If you did not receive it is FULL of FABULOUS thankyous OOOOHs and AAAhs and I was so very very thrilled, to be the receipient of your beautiful prize, and please , please accept my apologises if you did not receive it.
    Love and Hugs Lynn xx


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