Thursday, January 22, 2009

Before you know it....

...the week slips by. On these long grey days, it's hard to separate the hours from daylight to night. I push myself to go out, to move, to get some energy pumping through me. My mind thinks too fast for me to keep up, and when I'm talking, sometimes I talk too fast, otherwise the thoughts slip away. I hear echoes of someone who used to say to me: You think too much.

Yesterday, a friend asked me to read the Tarot for her. That's when I realized how pent-up I was. I asked her to give me some time to breathe and centre myself -- and it took longer than usual. Nature is hibernating, but we have to continue, to stay awake, to live our lives and earn our livings.

Think less, feel more. Perhaps that's the way to go.


  1. Think less, feel more. I like that. Definitely worth a try!

    Have a great day.

  2. Yes, think less... I think it must be one of the hardest things to do.Feeling, really feeling is a great generator of positive energy,think of everything that makes you happy , concentrate on it for a fixed 10 mins a day soon you'll be so "pumped" up people will wonder what you're on!
    Alexis :)

  3. someone said to me today - think less feel more too! xo

    yes, I do think too much and also when I talk it comes out really fast sometimes.. like I have to get it out before I forget what I want to say.. my thoughts are like that too.. gotta get them down on paper before they are gone!

    reiki healing available if you need.. just let me know xoxo

  4. A beautiful thought provoking post Colette....

  5. I feel like you are talking about me! Only I don't talk too fast, I am already on another thought when the words come out of my mouth and then I forget what I was saying...
    It drives my family nuts....
    Think less, feel more...I will also work on it!
    hugs! karen....

  6. I too feel like you were talking about me.

  7. I didn't know you do tarot readings! that's real cool! I'd ask you what mine would be, but then again, I am somewhat weary of it too, sometimes I don't want to know because I am afraid of it being bad mother in law does tarot readings, but she refuses to do readings for family...oh well, guess it's for my own good!



  8. Anonymous11:08 a.m.'s Ok to think Colette!....your Art is confirmation of that!.....As long as you promise me it of the positive kind!....the end product of your thoughts help to make my day a happy one! Keep thinking!.....Ooooh!....hope that doesn't make me selfish !!!
    Anon the Elder OOOOO

  9. But easier said than done, right Colette? Lovely art. As for the Tarot, I can't remember the last time I read the cards (for someone else; never for myself). Wishing you some serenity and calm. xoxox

  10. Again your words are so apropo for how I feel. This week was a b***h..but now this calm has settled. I just let it all go. ( the rummination in my head) Peace at last!

    someday could you do a reading for me? Might be VERY interesting..

    thanks for visiting the new blog.:)


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