Sunday, December 21, 2008

TO Sunday

The howling wind died down.

The snow kept falling.

The sun came out.

The snow went somewhere else.

Confused? so am I.

Now it's time to pile on the coat, muffler, boots, and go out into the White.
I have a dinner to go to.


  1. The snow came over here! ha ha!

  2. Snow is everywhere! Portland is having the biggest Arctic blast since 1978! Hope your dinner is nice and delicious!

  3. Stay warm! I saw where the east coast got hammered.

  4. Sounds like your weather has been changeable Colette! Hope you had a good outing and have a safe and happy Christmas.

    Love this little collage too!

    Dot xx

  5. it's bitter cold here too, the wind cuts at me like a knife

  6. i hope you had a most excellent dinner dear Colette.
    sending you love, nita <3

  7. I hope your dinner was spectacular. Have a Merry Christmas and stay warm.

  8. HOpe you braved the elements and got home to your warm and cozy home before to long...the snow came here - and left us about 18" of it. I'd be happy if we didn't have any more storms this year :-) Merry Christmas Colette!


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