Thursday, December 11, 2008

Rescue Me

Once in a while, I rescue books from my local library for a small fee. Their spines may be broken, their pages grimy from years and years of handling, but I see beyond all that. This is a detail of a collage on the inside of a book cover: It already had a background of years of library use, so the work was already started for me. A fragment of a photograph was in a little packet of gifts from Karen of Recycled Rita, and a scrap of antique kimono silk from my friend Joyce in Dublin. The composition took a while, but so it should because that's the most important part!


  1. This has such a nostalgic, timeworn feel.You have just the right touch to make it come to life! Guess is supposed to snow here...yay!

  2. It tells the tale of so many past times! what a unique work of art!



  3. Colette, You know I love your work. Your collage is like no other! Using rescued books is brilliant. It adds "something". This piece tells a great story! Happy Weekend and Full Cold, Little Spirit Moonth! Love you friend.

  4. This is lovely - I love how you've taken the book's history and added more stories to the mix. xoxox


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