Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Night out

A night out with my friends...the food was great, the company was even greater, and the art was superb. This being billed a "family restaurant", the tables had paper on them and crayons in a cup, so I couldn't resist. Then.......

.....Susan started a Paul Klee line-taking-a-walk from her drawing

over to mine.

Have a fun day!

[Photos: Susan Williamson]


  1. Colette!

    I hope you remember me! I met you through the Postcard Fairies a long time ago and was in the creative gal group with you that was called the creative YaYas...I am Java Venus aka Kelly Wilsey!

    I was so sad when you disappeared from everything...and have thought of you a lot since then! I still have a lot of the pieces of art you made for me.

    Gosh what a wonderful surprise to find you featured in Artful Blogging. CONGRATULATIONS! That is my MOST FAVORITE MAGAZINE! How wonderful for you!!!!!

    I would LOVE to hear from you and catch up with you about all the wonderful things that have gone on in your life since I lost touch with you. If you'd like to e-mail me privately, please use my e-mail: .... Gosh! I am really excited to have found you!!! I just hope you remember me! :)

  2. Hey Colette and I have to get together again soon and take another walk. I really enjoyed our first one!

  3. I bet your server took it home and framed it! :-)


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