Monday, December 15, 2008

A new week

Some problems that happened on Friday with one of the banks I deal with were cleared today. I was not a happy camper, and I blew up at the branch supervisor on the phone (to her credit, she remained calm). They did something unacceptable, but still and all, I didn't like my reaction. It didn't serve any purpose at all.

While she was sorting it out with head office, I made my way to the branch and asked to see her. I then apologized for my inexcusable blow-up. I didn't make any excuses, although I could have trotted out many, and had a friendly chat with her.

Today, the problem was resolved, and I'm sure they are breathing more easily. As for me, I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders after I apologized.

Also today, I caught a clip of Tom Cruise in an interview with Matt Lauer. It took him 10 minutes of humming and hawing, trying to tell Lauer that his behavior on a previous show had been "arrogant." I didn't watch the rest. I couldn't bear the humming and hawing. It was like pulling teeth in slow motion. Cruise was trying to apologize, but it seemed to be sticking in his throat.

Meanwhile the sweatshop is still open. Happily.


  1. Perhaps Tom should read your post. Lovely little bird!

  2. It takes a big person to apologize. Tom Cruise could take a lesson from you!

  3. I think I posted a comment, did you get it?

  4. Wow, great post. I had something similar happen, including the apology part. Me, the calmest person in the world and someone got on my last nerve. I didn't know I was on my last nerve at the time, so I was almost as surprised as the guy I fussed at. It took a long ride on my horse later that day to brush away the last of the crabby cobwebs. [sigh] Better ~

  5. Oh no...My comments are missing too. :(

    I can't stand T. Cruise. I saw that interview too. (Made me crazy) He is too impressed with himself, his importance, and his acting is second rate.


  6. Banks make me crazy too! :O Good for you hon! TC should take some ettiquite instruction from you. (((hug))) hope this gets through...


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