Monday, December 01, 2008

Monday art

Actually it's very late Sunday art. I carved a new bird last week, and put it to use on these ATCs. Apart from the background, all the stamps are ones I carved.

My sister sent me this link to a video that I fell in love with. Have a look!

Have a happy week!


  1. that video is just amazing!! Thanks for sharing it. I love those new bird stamps you are so clever.

  2. I wish I could load the video ( still on dial up) The bird stamps are beautiful!

  3. Hello dear Colette! I have been away from blogging, taking part in Soul Coaching... and here I am, reading your delightful blog.. going back a few posts.. and as always your art is exquisite and touches something in my soul. I 'specially love the little bright birdie from Sunday xo

  4. That is so cool! All those stamps you made yourself, huh? It's very beautiful.


  5. You're inspired when it comes to portraying birds Colette, I'm wrong; you're inspired period!
    P.S. Love the stamp carvings obviously.

  6. I love these. The colors are wonderful.

  7. Absolutely gorgeous colors Colette~I love them =)
    ~and, the video made me cry~

  8. sooo pretty! I really love the middle ATC. I sent your yahoo e-mail a quick note about maybe a possible trade?

  9. Beautiful little bird prints. I love birds in art...I have this urge to sew some birdie tree decorations...these prints are inspiring me.

  10. This is such a sweet little bird stamp!! I can see her popping up all over the place!! She would be really perfect for one of your wonderful samplers!!!

  11. I can't hardly type this comment for the tears from watching that video!!WOW!!!
    AND your colorful bird carving stamps and ATCS just stopped me in my tracks!!! FABULOUS!

    I have all I need to make my own stamp but have I done it yet? UH no.
    OK now I must at least try!!

  12. Anonymous7:39 p.m.

    love love the bird - I love the colors
    okay going to see your video now


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