Saturday, December 13, 2008

A little magic

I've always wanted one of these luscious strawberries. Yesterday, my friend Sandy made my wish come true. I think I hugged the life out of her!
Scented with lavender, it now hangs on the garland over my bed.

I put this little angel in a tiny jar. May she watch over you all!


  1. So, finally today I am sitting down with my Artful Blogging and checking out some blogs...hoping to find some inspiration and hopefully, kindred spirits. I'm not surprised to find you have an Etsy shop as well. Reading the piece from the magazine, it seems like we have some common goals in blogging. I've enjoyed your blog and hope to check back soon (I also hearted your etsy shop...very nice!)

  2. I was in the mall today and found a store called two's company...there were some jars like these. VERY SWEET!!!!!!

  3. Bonjour! Sweetie strawberry And heavenly angel in a jar...Did you make the angel?What a face she has!

  4. Oh, the garland over your bed is such a great idea.
    And, your little angel is quite cut in her tiny jar house =)

  5. Oh, c'est charmant !
    Ca fait de trés belles décorations de Noël, si différentes !
    So cut !

  6. The lovely strawberry is a great addition to your garland. xo

  7. that strawberry is soooo precious! it's very cheery to me!

    love, wren

  8. I love the garland - and the moon, what a wonderful idea. And what a sweet angel in the jar. May she watch over you, too.

    Love your blog! Best wishes!

  9. Awwww I'm so glad you love your strawberry and it looks lovely hanging off the vine! I read Artful blogger yesterday and flipped when I saw your blog on the first page!!!!!!! HOLY CRAP I KNOW A CELEBRITY...hee,hee!Thanks for the baci for Lucas' compleanno!



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