Monday, December 08, 2008

Chez le Suédois

[Button card available on eBay]
Snow and slush underfoot didn't stop us from driving all the way to Ikea (or le Suédois, as it is known in France). I got a few things I needed without breaking the bank. We looked for a Michael's but they are spread out in the suburbs miles and miles away. I was happy just to get to Ikea, since I rarely go there. I know I can get there by subway but I need the car to bring stuff home!! so whenever my Friend R. gets one of those Share Cars, we go and do stuff.


  1. Hi Cute Colette!
    I have had that postcard for years and have never made anything that cute! I send a copy to you, and look what you made! You amaze me!
    Happy Monday! hugs karen....

  2. I'm glad you had fun! I bet you found a bunch of cool stuff! Nice little textile piece!

    love, wren

  3. To Recycled Rita

    Karen, I thought you might recognize the sweet little girl you sent me!

  4. What did you buy at Ikea? I have a Micheal's around the corner. You must come up for the day and we can shop there. See you soon!


  5. Colette!
    Thanks for saying hello yesterday!
    Your blog is wonderful!
    And i think it's a good thing that there isn't a michaels or ikea close to me, i would spend all of my money there for sure!

    Nice to meet another local blogger!

  6. Such a lovely piece! Jordana got furniture for her apartment from Ikea in Philadelphia. The latest purchase was bookcases.


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