Sunday, November 16, 2008


[ Cloth doll (c) Colette Copeland, SOLD]

After two days of rain, the sun has come out -- it always does, doesn't it. Still on the theme of things not being rushed, my experience is that if you try to rush something, chances are you'll ruin it in some way. Everything has its time.


  1. How cute! I bet you can make a whole bunch of those!


  2. A Fanciful Twist4:47 p.m.

    You got that 100% correct. Everything seems to groove at its own pace... Not even the coffee pot can be rushed ;)

    I let my creativity unravel at its own speed... But sometimes, I have to secretly nudge it along to get work done ;) xoxo

  3. So cute and clever! I can imagine these "decking the halls!" xxxooo

  4. I love the art you've been posting lately. You're on a roll here Colette, and I think this dolly is my fav!

  5. Fantastic doll! And you're so right about rushed things not being as envisioned! xoxox

  6. Beautiful Doll Colette and I agree with your words 100%.


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