Tuesday, November 04, 2008


[photographer unknown, Nov. 3, 2008]

He interrupted a crucial campaign to visit his dying grandmother. He didn't wait. That is moral courage. Yesterday she died, one day short of the election.

My mother had relatives in Chicago; one of her cousins was an FBI agent when I was a child. They eventually moved to northern California. I know they're voting for The (only) One.


  1. what a great human being he is!

  2. Did you see his speech in which he was talking about his grandmother and "ordinary heroes" and the tears were streaming down his cheeks? I can't wait until this night is over and we have Barack Obama as our president. xoxox

  3. What a beautiful photograph. Thank you for the beauty of your post. Tonight, while driving home from work, I drove through a black neighborhood in our small, Southern town. About 100 people were standing on the sidewalks, holding Obama signs, just waving to the passing cars. I was so overwhelmed by this tribute and faith in what might actually be by tomorrow morning.


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