Monday, November 24, 2008

Good things

I got that invisible push yesterday to go to the Sunday flea market on Front Street. I set my spending limit and took off. My invisible push is never wrong: I have two favorite vendors, but one of them is not a regular and I never know when she will be there. Yesterday Jan was there, and I found some wonderful items as usual. She has prices that are within my budget, even though she could charge more (and for that I am grateful). She is an artist herself and our tastes are very similar. She also sells cards and tags that are so very beautiful, using lace and millinery flowers.

Today it's back to the production line.

Avec plaisir, I might add!


  1. What splendid finds!

  2. Cool treasures! you are lucky to even have a flea market, there are none in my area, but there used to be one in my home town that was awesome!



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