Thursday, November 06, 2008

A good day

[Old New Orleans (c) colette copeland]

A day when everything goes right (as opposed to wrong). I think right days outnumber the wrong ones by a very large percentage. Not that anything special happened today; it's just that every thing felt right. I like to notice these things.
May your day feel right!


  1. Wow!!! I love love love that colorful abstract looking collage! I'm attracted to bright colors like bugs to those zap lights!
    Wren :)

  2. Glad everything felt right today Colette :) And many thanks for your recent comment about me staying calm at work - it really helped and I rose above all the petty politics today.

    This collage is beautiful. Lovely composition.


  3. i also had a good day today! This is a good thing for both of us :). I wish you more days like today.

    The colour palette you chose here is totally fabulous. I love the way they work together so nicely with the b and w pic. Great job.

  4. this is just lovely..(.found you thru just a girl). today was a good day everything seems so much more ok than just a few days ago. obama has stirred our collective souls here and abroad...nice to meet you


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