Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Take a stroll with me

All photos (c) Colette Copeland
Walking north on Yonge Street, from College to Bloor.

And there was Laura DiBattista gearing up for her cameraman (I'm not sure what she was reporting on, so I'll have to watch CityTV news tonight.) "Ciao, Laura!" I said as I kept walking (the sun was in my eyes, I couldn't photograph her). "Ciao," she answered, and launched into her report.

A mysterious shop called Shank. I tried to go in to get more info, but the door was locked.
The Boot!

The Bay

On the subway platform

Three stops and I'm home.


  1. ii think that dress is "to die for"!

  2. Wonderful tour. I loved it.. xoxo Nita

  3. That window's dressing is beautiful.If you get a chance on a future stroll I'd love to see inside.
    When many of us are posting beautiful fall foliage pics it is refreshing to see the season from a different perspective.Happy Belated Birthday too!

  4. Enjoyed your photos. Using mass transit is the way to go! Maybe one day my area of the country will have more choices. I enjoyed the commuter rail service in Atlanta.

  5. I really enjoyed these photo's Colette. Nice to have a look around your neighborhood!


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