Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Pas mal, pas mal du tout...

Listening to the debate in French. All seated around a round table, arguing yes, but no ranting or disrespect. It was downright convivial. Hmmmmm.

Linguistically, I'll say this: Jack Layton (NDP) and Prime Minister Harper speak French fluently. Madame Green Party managed well ("Monsieur Harper, vous n'étiez pas un bon gestionnaire pour l'économie"), and Stéphane Dion (LIB) obviously fluent, and with the most prime ministerial accent. As to content, it seems to me we all want the same thing, except for the PM. No surprise.

Stéphane Dion has been criticized as an "intellectual" blah blah, but I'll remind those detractors that that's a good thing. Remember Pierre Elliot Trudeau? Dion's English needs a little improvement to make him more fluent, but hearing him debate in French gives me all I need to know. He's intelligent, very knowledgeable, presents very well, and I'd have him represent me in, oh, I dunno, Paris or Berlin in a flash.

And that, chers amis, is that.

Don't forget to vote October 14.

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