Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Twisting the night away

I really have to be "captured" to watch a TV program without doing anything (Like Medium or CSI Miami, for example). Last night, this was not the case, so I pulled out my big box of jewelry stuff and twisted wire to my heart's content. This bangle was inspired by the one in Stephanie Lee's book. The only thing I don't have is aging chemicals for the wire. Which is why it looks shiny-new.

I love the green of the beads in the choker. I wired them on gunmetal wire which I really really like.


  1. Very nice pieces. I particularly like the choker.


  2. I love this necklace Colette!! I've been wanting to make one using some old shell buttons, this is great inspiration! THANKS. Hope you are well.

  3. I think you make beautiful jewellery. The bracelet is beautiful. Stephanie Lee is coming out to Australia next March. And I am lucky enough to be doing one of her classes!

  4. You spent your time well by not watching TV Colette. The bangle is simple and beautiful. I used to love CSI Miami (particularly the delicious Eric Delko)but I am totally hooked on Criminal Minds now. The story lines are brilliant.


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