Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Treasures amid the dross

I was sorting out family papers, and I came across these newspaper clippings: John R. Copeland, already a leader at age 20, and a couple of years older in the photo to the far left. They'll be going into a personal journal I'm creating, which will end up with my other family since there are so many of them who can keep it and pass it down. It doesn't matter how long ago you lose your beloved, it can still squeeze your heart to perdition when you happen upon his dear face.
Have a peaceful day.


  1. Anonymous4:07 p.m.

    When this happens with my dad, I just assume it's his way of saying, "Hey! How're things going?" xoxo

  2. I think that's true. It usually happens in a dream for me but I think it's a message that his soul is always there surrounding you.

  3. Your post is increadably sweet!
    (not sure if that's spelled right!) :-)

    Have a great hair day! Becci

  4. He is beautiful, and an Ag Econ student I see by some of the text in the article! I knew so many of these ag econ young men at my university...they all had sich big hearts and finer values,lnew exactly what they wanted to do with their lives! Wonderful thing you are doing for him and those who love him with your journal. {{{{hug))))

  5. So true..I come across pictures and things that were my John's all the time that sear my heart..
    I always think of him..Elizabeth cried all day yesterday because she misses her Dad so much. I bought her a green polka dot dress to try to make her feel better. I know things can't replace replace people..But it is all I know to do right now.
    And I made her favorite chicken soup.
    Sending you hugs dear heart and much love, Nita

    i wish i could buy you a dress and make your favorite dish..

  6. Lovely man and wonderful idea. The concept of creating a personal journal to remember your loved ones by and passing it along really appeals to me. It gives them a special and unique new life. (No wonder your heart feels squeezed, Colette, because it's such a big and beautiful one).

  7. What a handsome and clever guy, even at such a young age. I know the loss is always hard, no matter how many years pass. Such special memories you have. Sending you a big hug. xoxox


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