Monday, September 22, 2008

Early gifts

When my very good friend Marina went to Spain to visit her parents, I asked her to bring me an old book, any book, as long as it was old. She chose this little volume of poetry, published in 1930. I wanted the Spanish pages for collage, but there is no way I could take apart this little gem. She added to that one of my very favorite films, not just for the story, but for the most breathtaking tango I have ever seen. I may be a die-hard flamenco dancer, but the tango comes a close second -- I don't dance it, I love to watch it. Banderas is not only a singer and actor, but a superb dancer as well, and his dance partner is extraordinary.

On Saturday she presented it to me, an early birthday gift. (My birthday is in October.)

Muchissimas gracias, amica del mio cuore (my Italian is much, much better than my Spanish).


  1. What great gifts! perhaps you could scan the book pages and still use them in your art that way.
    Ah, Antonio Banderas doing the Tango.....uh huh! ;)

  2. OooooooO!!! I looove early birthday gifts!! Que linda tu amiga!

    xoxo, V

  3. Lovely gifts from your friend. The graphic on the book is great. Some books are too lovely to dismantle. I collect masses of pictures and images for my art scrapbooks from charity shop books that I can buy very cheaply but occasionally I come across one it would be sacriledge to dismantle and cut up. I cannot save them all because of space for storage.

  4. I love Antonio Banderas. He is so ..mmm.
    Lovely gits. I agree you could scan the pages and use them that way.
    Hope your day is filled with beauty. xoxo Nita


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