Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Some thoughts this week

Thoughts from across the border to the north, from a former U.S. resident. Mostly for Mai in Virgina. My years in San Diego and Washington, D.C. are very dear to me. I want the U.S. to get back on track. Please.

To Sen. McCain [on his pronouncements today trying to discredit Sen. Obama]: We don't want your "leadership across the world". We want leadership in America. Hello?

Women put their lives on the line; (some) men reap the rewards. Rosa Parks was a woman. Historically women were slaves long before men. Does "chattel" ring a bell. I'm just saying.

Those stating at every turn that "America is the best country in the world" seemto me to be trying to convince themselves of somethingorother. And it's such an insult to the rest of us. There is no "best country in the world"; most countries have good and bad. We have universal healthcare, America doesn't. But you don't hear Canadians going on about "we are the best country". We're pretty good, but we're not the best. As long as the country is filled with human beings, there is no best. Some European countries could say the same. Australians seem to be happy enough.

Whoever wins the presidency, God bless him, and I hope he gets it right. He has such a mess to clean up thanks to the current White House. Take care of things at home, because everything begins at home. Remember the airline commercial: put on your own safety jacket before you take care of others.

To CNN: I wish you'd calm down, and stop with your myriad perceptions of the same thing. Most of the time, you're wrong. For all that constant "best team in the world" business (there you go again, obsessed with best). And all that "advice" you dispense to the candidates! Wow! If you're such experts, hey, you run for president. Meh!


  1. Hi There
    Im all the way over here in Australia and have been watching the lead up to the presidential election in America,all very exciting I see,it will be interesting to see who romps home no doubt,your humorous slant on things makes it more fun.
    Your blog is wonderful,Im still learning my way around things in blogdom,mine is the colour of things at blogspot and its pretty sad compared to yours and other fine blogs like it,still I guess I have to start somewhere.
    I think I will have to save yours so I can pop back periodically and check out your slant on things,hope thats fine with,have a wonderful day,warm regards Kim.

  2. Well said.
    I always wince when I hear "best in the world." Why do we say that? There is no best or worst.

  3. I'm at a loss for words...


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