Saturday, August 23, 2008


Today was busy. Good busy. I finished a commission for my shabby chic hearts that I really enjoyed making; finished the pennant (in the photo); went to Curry's to get some art supplies, including a huge piece of canvas, rolled up like a rug. Unwieldy, but I got it home safely. On the way back I stopped and visited with a friend who owns a shop on Yonge St. He offered me a bottle of ice-cold water and I drank the whole thing -- a feat for me -- because I was really suffering from the humidity. Then I got some of good artisan bread, some fruit and cheese and headed for home. I could hardly wait to cut the canvas and paint the background. It's two feet across and three feet long. It will have a couple of vintage photos on it -- I haven't decided which ones yet -- and will hang on my living room wall, raw edges and all.

I'm also creating a project that I will then photograph for Ramona's new website. She hired me to design a simple site for her book reviews, and the idea I came up with for a banner got me feeling very pleased with myself. Let's hope it works out, and that I can translate the vision in my head to paper.

And to top it all off, my first Laundry Line series painting, the one that appeared on the cover of Somerset Studio (at the top) was sold today!

If la vita è bella, then il sabbato is definitely bellissimo!


  1. "GOOD" busy is very, very good! Me too. I am still enjoying your beautiful artwork in the July/August Somerset Studio. You must be so proud.

    Take care,

  2. good to hear that you are drinking water!!

    I cannot wait for my hearts xo

    oh and I love the pennants!! divine!

  3. Your work is beautiful.

  4. BRAVO! And, I luv the blank canvas. How great of an idea Colette =)

  5. CONGRATS on your sale! I love this piece. So soft and sweet. Cheese and bread..yummmmm!


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