Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Nature Journal No. 2

Nature journal #2 is finished. This is teaching me patience (again). Attaching the eyelets to the pages then threading them through the spine is very time-consuming, but it must be done! I was going to cover the spine to hide the thread, but I liked the effect of all the little knots, so I left it as is.

The best book of its kind.


  1. I so wish to see the spine to this beautiful Nature Journal.

  2. oh I love this! Lilacs.... something I will post about soon... coming up to springtime here soon.... well, according to the calendar!! not by the temps outside :) - which of course would be mild to what you experience in winter time !

  3. I love your journals, I'd love to see all of the pages, the texture looks really great, fabulous layers.

  4. Really love the images here. This is a wonderful journal.


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