Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday's child

[quilt detail; available on eBay]

I took a break from the nature journal I'm putting together, to let ideas settle and develop, and worked on a quilt. Once I stitched everything by machine, I added details by hand. The hand work is soothing.

Be well.
Be safe.
Be happy.


  1. Your creations are beautiful, original, and inspiring!

  2. wow! that is so beautiful! I am always so in awe of people who can sew!~

  3. Beautiful quilt Colette. Your work is so inspiring and it seems you can turn your hand to anything creative. I love looking at your sewn pieces.

    Regarding the elections in America, we here in the UK just look on in amazement. Our system is bad enough but the American system seems to take a very long time to elect a new leader. Sadly that "pulling your opponents character to pieces" is very much a feature in our politics too. Anyway, good luck to whoever gets into office.


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