Friday, August 01, 2008

Friday's child

Not one of Henry James's Bostonians.... She is available on eBay.

These book pages are nice and thick. The inscription has the date as 1931. They made good paper then! I'm very glad I rescued the book. I'm drawing on these pages and mounting them on mat board.


  1. Hi! Nice to meet you! you have nice blog! your ilustration are awesome. I like very much!
    visit me anytime...

  2. ` Colette, this is so wonderful..
    i love the colors.
    xoxo Nita

  3. You are so amazingly creative!

  4. These are really sweet Colette. What a lovely way to recycle old paper. I love the text showing through the ladies face too. Hope you are feeling brighter now.

  5. superb!
    sorry to read you aren't feeling well... that is just not fair for such a sweet soul such as you xoxo


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