Saturday, August 09, 2008


Despite all the 8s in the date, the first day of the Olympics was a disaster for two American tourists and their Chinese guide. A lunatic, who then committed suicide, killed the husband, wounded the wife, and the Chinese guide. The Chinese guide is in italics because it is missing from the reports (CNN). And this is what creates divisions. The Chinese guide, who was not mentioned or named, is a human being. This isn't about politics, it's about people. oh, what's the use.

Oh, and John Edwards, confronted with very pushy grilling by a "reporter" should have answered: NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. Instead he lied. Then he told the truth. Now it is on the airwaves endlessly. I swear these politicians are so stupid sometimes. And people who expect them to be morally lilywhite are not living among human beings.

I am not watching or listening to any so-called news anymore today. And maybe tomorrow, and the next day, and the next. There's enough pollution in the world.


  1. It's the people's business ONLY when this person is running for president of the USA, lies about his background and "morality" and using taxpayer or hard earned campaign moneys to fund his extramarital escapades. Yes..he was and is so stupid it hurts. It hurts the political process, makes us not trusting of others stepping up to the podium. Just come out with it early on before the campaign starts...yes I cheat..or have cheated, have a love child, ect...let the voters decide. Don't cower in a restroom in the Beverly Hills Hilton for heavens sake! I'm so sick of the news...the campaign, the hypocrisy of the "beltway". Most of all, my heart goes out to the wives and kids of these scumbags.

  2. I agree with your comments Colette. It was just as important that the Chinese guide died, as the others. They all have family and friends to mourn them. I was hoping that the Olympics would rise above politics and just be about sporting achievement but it seems not to be. Everyone is using it as an arena as usual. I will still watch it but it is all spoiled somehow.

    Our politicians are just as deceitful as those across the Atlantic. I think they must go to "lying school" in preparation of becoming a politician.

    I am glad we all still have our honest art to immerse ourselves in. Hope you have a better week to come.

  3. Isn't the news exhausting!! Does anyone really care if John Edwards had an affair?? If You or I had an affair would it make national news?? The news makes me have a headache most of the time!!

    Enjoy your Sunday Colette!

  4. that makes TWO of us!! xxoo


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