Sunday, August 17, 2008


I had a class with L.K. Ludwig this weekend. Well, with her Nature Journals book. It took some figuring out but I wanted to make my own journal enough that I finally tackled it. When I actually see something being made, I pick up very fast. Doing it from a book takes longer. What I really like about this journal is that I used items I already had, staying true to my resolution.

The Universe doesn't do it for you -- you do it for you. I've been thinking about this Universe thing. Apparently, you must word your wish exactly the way you want it, using the right words, because, it seems, the Universe is "literal." Now, here's the thing: For me that's saying that the Universe (a euphemism for God, as I understand it) is, um, stupid. It doesn't know what's in your heart, what you desire: you have to spoonfeed it with just the exact words. Or else.

It seems to me, this has nothing to do with the Universe, but everything to do with the individual and taking responsibility for yourself. It's the subconscious that is literal. You clarify your desires for yourself, and then work to make it happen.


  1. I know Colette, seems to me that God has given us a mind, a will and determination to achieve our dreams. It's if we CHOOSE to use them all, then we move foward toward those dreams. We can't just lay around and hope they land in our laps!! I just love your book Colette, I've been wanting to do this too....have you seen Nellie's books? Her blog is
    Thank you for your inspiration today!
    xxoo, Dawn

  2. Colette...Just what I needed to read and take in to heart today...( how do you know these things my friend? LOL) YES!!!YES!!! Your intuition is wonderful as well as your personal philosophy...xxxooo

    ps. I loved your description of the full moon on the lake.

  3. OH...I love your journal too. I want to do one on owls. What do you think? I saw a beautiful bald eagle yesterday flying over my vineyard. A sign? :)

  4. amen, sistah!


  5. You GOT it! WE must be specific! Works like a charm when we are! A story goes..A lady wanted to go to Athens(Greece) she kept asking the Universe for a trip to Athens..but she wasn't specific....A trip came to her but to Athens, Georgia! Funny...I was just at Barnes and Noble looking at that very book! I was trying to get myself motivated to get back to daily journaling. ...Mail you say??/!!! Wheee!

  6. "You clarify your desires for yourself, and then work to make it happen."

    I couldn't agree more! I loved this post! and I love that Nature Journal!


  7. Ludwig was here? When? Awesome Nature journal! I totally agree with your theory about the Universe and how we are responsible for our own happenings and happiness!


  8. I have problems with the 'asking' stuff too... I can never sort out just exactly how to word it.... so I just put my wishes into a bubble and send it out... there are way too many theories so who is to know which one is correct?
    far as I am concerned the secret is silly...
    ps love the nature journal!

  9. I think it's a combination of the two - we invite things into our lives; work to get them - but sometimes a bit of serendipity and even magic combine that can't possibly be explained. Lovely journal! xoxox


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