Monday, August 11, 2008

Carve your own

Many years ago, I used to make a line of cards with my lino-cut designs and sold them at The Papery. But then the production-line aspect of the work got to me, and I stopped. In decluttering a corner of my work space, I found some "virgin" rubber, got out my tools, and did some carving yesterday. It's very satisfying to create something with your own two hands...

Have a satisfying week!


  1. Wow! THese are really great birdies! What a creative gal you are...I have never attempted a stamp. Once in Art class I made a lino cut for a print.

  2. Love the birds!! I bought a big block of eraser rubber a couple of years ago and a couple of carving tools. Maybe I'll have to try it soon. I do love love the birds! You're so talented and such an inspiration!

  3. Cathy1:21 PM

    I like rediscoveries, good ones:) The birds are lovely and I would like to see the prints they make. Have a good week x

  4. Great stamps. I agree, it is satisfying.

  5. I love these! I used to carve these in high school and would love to do them again.

  6. I've been wanting to make some for awhile now, I have a block but that's about it. One of these days I need to just DO it already and see what happens.
    I especially love yours because they're.....well...birds!!!

  7. I luv the primitive look of them colette! I must try to do some while on vacation.....=)
    (i have to always be doing art at some time, even on vacation~am I bad?)

  8. I had to check your profile..I was thinking that you were a Libra too...those blackbirds are our totem!

  9. Wow...neat to see this. Brings back memories when I was in art school (way back when ) I haven't done a lino cut since then but remember how I loved the results.

    Looks really cool on the tag !


  10. These are lovely colette. I love the graphic quality of linocuts. I still have a little chicken which I linocut but I am having trouble inking it. Either too much or two little. Yours are great though.


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