Thursday, July 31, 2008

Language of flowers

[photo: my little collection]

I can never get enough of them: crushed, faded, old, velvet. Timeless, faithful and true.


  1. Oh Colette! You have touched a chord in my heart now. My most favorite thing in the world is flowers. I am mailing you something today dear friend..Not much..But I hope you like it.
    Thank you for the comment on Sparrow's Heart..
    Love Nita

  2. So pretty! And I love the case too!

  3. every time I see a faded vintage flower, I think of you xo
    are mine still in there??

    Oh and daphne - make sure that you find the one called Daphne Odora.. there are many different kinds but this is the best and original.. it is pink and white coloured.. gorgeous to look at too.
    and lily of the valley *sigh* oh dear, another favourite xoxo

  4. Love your collection...I agree wi, can never get enough no matter what condition or material.. Something about them...weaves a spell.

  5. oh so pretty of a picture. I also love vintage flowers. So special.

    The necklace i ordered from your etsy shop arrived today. I just love it!!!


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