Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I couldna help it, Ma!

The blue bird of happiness flew into the bedroom. should he stay, should he leave? You decide.


  1. i love this! the way you did the bed is so cool..
    sending warm thoughts your way, nita

  2. He should stay!
    And that bed looks so comfy. I'd like to crawl right in and listen to his singing!

  3. oh, he looks so cute and comfy, let him stay. :)

  4. hello sweet friend,just stopped in to say hi.have spent all my latest time with my wounded Marine son and other children.I AM SO GLAD TO HAVE THEM ALL BACK SAFE AND ALIVE.come visite.

  5. oh..

    SHE should stay!


    who would not stay
    in such a wonderful room?

    ~*happiness all around*~

  6. I just love this piece too! The floor with all it's cool jagged stitching is great. I just want to reach and touch the softness of your piece here!


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