Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday's child

One more plaster of Paris birdie. I like the chippy effect. There's too much light in the photo, but you get the idea! The pieces are varnished with gloss medium, which brings out the colors, but is hard to photograph. Then, an old battered tin, paint, paper, glaze medium and, Hey presto! A little bird shrine.

Shop notes:
I've been listing more items in my Etsy shop. eBay is costing me more in out-of-pocket listing fees, because watchers/trackers just aren't bidding, so I've added a new section to my Etsy, called Monthly Specials, where eBayitems that haven't sold, instead of being re-listed, will migrate at almost the same prices as I have on eBay. This is because I do have some faithful and valued customers over at eBay, and I want to continue giving them a wide choice.


  1. i so enjoyed the Somerset issue with your clothesline art on the cover!
    I too don't have a lot of luck with e-bay. Seems everyone is trying to sell rather than buy on there right now...and those fees mount up!
    Yeah for ETSY!

  2. I love your birdy Colette!
    And have the latest issue of Somerset Studio on it's way to me so I will get to see you in print very soon (yay).

    Good idea to add some of your ebay items to Etsy. I am sure you will sell more of your beautiful art.

  3. Hello Colette:-) Lovely to meet another artist with the same interests. Yes I love Joanna Macy.

    Your birdies are beautiful!


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