Thursday, July 03, 2008

Artist book


Today I finished a book I made with heat-fused collages. It was intensely satisfying for all the work it took. I had to figure out how to attach the pages -- I have a couple of books that explain this type of "binding" but the explanations are a little mysterious (don't tell me to attach with eyelets etc. -- show me!! That's why I bought the book). It's aggravating, but what can you do? Me, I just try and figure it out.


  1. what a beautiful book! I especially love the bird there on the page. The paper underneath it looks vintage... is it a book page?

  2. FUN. I am anxious to try the fusable stuff in a book. This gives me new motivation.

  3. i discovered you
    at the Mad Tea Party...


    and have been popping in.

    over here,
    simply loverly!

  4. I like what you've done with this - lovely work! xo

  5. Anonymous11:37 a.m.


    dayna desastre

  6. you have just given me an idea on what to do with those few little pieces i have bought from you in the past... I can put them into my soul journal. I love them so much and didn't want to 'use' them in anything but this way, I will be able to enjoy them as I read in the future!
    gorgeous book by the way.. and sold already!!! :( well done xo

  7. Beautiful book. I love the use of both different size pages and all the different types of material.


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