Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Petits collages

[Envelope art available on eBay]
I love old envelopes. They have history and mystery, and my way of preserving them is to make small collages.
Fifty years from now, will an envelope I addressed end up in someone's collection as an antique? I hope so.


  1. O, what a cool post Colette. These are just gorgeous!

  2. I love these too Colette. I collect envelopes and postcards that have been 'postally used', especially if they have interesting handwriting, cryptic messages, snippets of history. Thanks for sharing these:)
    Cathy (november moon)

  3. I am catching up once again! Congrats on your Somerset article! I love the little house pincushion you made too. It is darling. I a MSTILL HERE IN sOUTH cAROLINA..AT LEAST UNTIL fALL.

  4. I love old envelopes too, and those collages look darling!
    Letter writing is a lost art, which makes those even more special!

  5. OMG Colette, I am SOOOOO happy for you being on the cover of Somerset, being inside Somerset and now SO many more will see your clever,artistic and creative heart!!!! Congratulations! I went out last night but it hasn't hit the stands yet....can't wait!!!!!
    oh and I am going to just give you a blanket compliment....I hope you don't mind......I adore everything you do!

  6. Excellent work here on this! I just love how you did them. What materials did you use to collage with? I see rubber stamps and ephemera pasted on... any other interesting little tidbits?


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