Friday, May 02, 2008


I was at BizzyB's store yesterday using up my store credit when she walked in from the airport. I recognized her immediately, but I had no idea she was so energetic and funny... Donna Downey. She's here for a few days' teaching, and by the time I left the store, I knew her students would be having a huge lot of fun. We talked, laughed a lot (Donna is really a funny woman), exchanged words in German that we had both learned in our respective sojourns in Germany, but when it came to her Italian mother's language, well, let's just say I offered to be her interpreter in Tuscany.

Interesting tidbit: Donna collects dress form rubber stamps. She saw them right away, and put four in her shopping basket. "I collect them," she said. "I don't use them. I just have them for decor."

That Donna.

I really like her new book. I may even buy one!


  1. She sounds like a cool lady...her book looks very interesting. How fun that you ran into her and visited in German. I may have to get a copy of her book myself! I couldn't help but notice the wooden spool on the book cover. These were really popular 25-30 years ago here as 'rustic' candle holders!! I bought a few of them as a new bride to spiff up our apartment. I am seeing them now in magazines and such as collectible. I'm not sure if I saved mine. I probably got rid of them years ago. :( Thanks for the book recomendation.

  2. I didn't get your email blog comment emails aren't going through either. hmmmm?

  3. how fun!

    i had an email once from her & her character came out even in text. :)

  4. I took Donna's class on Friday and she was so funny! She taught me how to do a sexy pose on the camera..LOL!


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