Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Work and play

Necklace SOLD. ATCs are for my group meeting on Friday at the hive.

Often the boundaries between work and play are blurred.

I like that.


  1. Colette,
    I'm so thrilled! My husband happened to be home when I was drooling over this necklace, and suggested we get it for Mother's Day!

    It is just gorgeous!

    And I'm afraid you've started an addiction...this was my first etsy purchase. I've been window shopping for weeks, but now that I've been initiated, who knows what will happen! Yey!

  2. Rebecca, you made my day!
    thank you xoxo

  3. The bird necklace is a real treasure! I like all your bird themed art!

  4. Colette, the necklace is divine.
    Thank you for always thinking of me... I think of you daily.
    Love Nita

  5. The necklace is gorgeous! Lucky owner. And the ATCS are so cute! (And that was funny about the spam issue) :) xo

  6. Beautiful necklace Colette! And those birdie ATC's sing to my heart.


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