Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A walk on the wild side

Yesterday, as usual, I went out in the early evening for a walk around the park, an elevated area with a footpath all around the base. As I completed my first round, I realized the trees were in flower, the lilacs were blooming, the squirrels cavorting, and the birds doing what birds do, and I wanted to record it all. So I went back and got my camera.

So come along for a walk with, in this huge international city dotted with countless little parks and trees that make you feel you're out in the country.

When I come out of my building, this is what I see.

Beyond the gate is the park. The elevated part is fringed by trees, like this horse-chestnut tree in full blossom.
Looking down, I saw a cavity in the grass, filled with pine cones. Unusual and mysterious.

Further on, the scent of lilacs made me look up. This is one of several lilac trees.

Robin surveilling his realm.

You know how people are always finding heart-shaped stones? Trust me to find a bird-shape, down to the beak and its little eye. What are the odds?


  1. did you pick up that little stone? A gift from the angels to an angel on earth xo
    love the lilacs - mine are budding already, hopefully they will wait til springtime to flower

  2. Ohhh, your trees are marvelous. Horse-chestnut...never seen a blooming tree so beautiful, and I so wish we had lilacs.
    Thanks for sharing such a beautiful walk~you are blessed!

  3. What an amazing stone!
    That's really remarkable. What a treasure!
    I enjoyed the walk!

  4. Colette, wonderful, wonderful pictures! I love the bird shaped rock. It is so neat that we both started our posts today with leaf pictures? As soon as I read your comment I popped over.
    Sending you love my friend, Nita

  5. Such beauty all around you and what are the odds you would find a bird-shaped stone..LOL!


  6. Your walk and observations are lovely...everything is so fresh and new. The bird stone was waiting just for you! I wonder how long it had been there, underneath the snows and leaves? The earth gives special people like you gifts from it's heart. This birdie was a gift. :)


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