Saturday, May 24, 2008

Three is a charm

A cone, a necklace, and an illustration from the food column I used to write.
I used to write a regular food column that I also illustrated. Those were the salad days (no pun intended), when The compleat Kitchen used to sell my little food illustrations.
Back to the present. It's not good to dwell too long in the past. The cone and antique watch fob necklace will be listed for sale this evening. And maybe the illustration, too...


  1. What a "Fun" illustration Colette. And the "fob" on the necklace is the most gorgeous color!
    (*wink* i am such a country girl...thanks for commenting on the waffles)~I don't indulge in such a large breakfast very often.

  2. I love the illustration Colette! And the necklace is so pretty.
    xoxo Nita


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