Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Thought for the day

A lot of people credit or blame God for the acts of mankind. I see it all the time, and frankly, I feel very sorry for God.

Why? Are they afraid to take responsibility for themselves and their actions?

A man is murdered: God didn't do it (or let it happen), a man did.

One survives a life experience, while the other doesn't: God doesn't save one and not the other; each makes a choice to survive or not.

By all means, pray, have faith, open your eyes to what God sends your way to help you, but please don't place the burdens on him.


  1. O, Colette....your soul bears witness to God's grace and mercy; and in this story the consequences of man's actions and free will.
    What an amazing thought for the day-

  2. as hit the nail right on the head! you know, i never thought about this, but it is SO true! wow, what a revelation~ love the post my friend!

  3. I think we blame God because we feel like He is in control of everything, and maybe could have prevented the bad things that happen to us.
    And we don't understand that He has a plan for everything that happens.
    It is hard to have faith sometimes when so much goes wrong and we don't feel like we can stand up to much more.
    But in my heart I know God does have good things planned for me and those who trust in Him.
    Sending you much love, Nita


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